We've been helping the St. Cloud and Twin Cities areas with healthier, greener lawns for over two decades!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know you've visited my property?
    After each application we will leave an invoice and a packet of information about your lawn treatment at your door. We will also post a lawn sign in your yard. You do not need to be at home at the time of service. The invoice can be paid by check or credit card.
  • Do I have to sign and send in the service agreement postcard?
    Yes, this is your agreement with us and ensures we understand which services you want. See the back panel of this card for service options and pricing. To complete the service agreement, select your service options, sign, tear off the perforated reply card and drop in the mail.
  • How many applications should I get?
    It's best to get a 6-application program because it allows us to provide timely service and maintain quailty over the entire summer. We also offer 4- and 5-application programs. A 4-application program is the minimum program we offer. The more applications you get, the better the results you will see.
  • When are you going to treat my yard?
    We will send you a reminder card before each treatment so you know when we will be there.
  • Do you use liquid or granular applications?
    We use a combincation based upon weather conditions.
  • Does the price cover my entire yard?
    Yes, this price includes your entire yard, unless noted.

Let us help you grow a healthier lawn! You will be pleased with the results!