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Mosquito Control

Worried mosquitos will keep you from enjoying your yard this summer?

If so, we have the answer for you.

    Amerigreen's highly-effective Mosquito Control Program:

  • Greatly reduces targeted pests, such as mosquitos, gnats, and ticks
  • Lasts 3-5 weeks after application depending upon weather conditions
  • Will not harm children and pets

The environmentally friendly Mosquito Control mist creates a barrier around your house so when mosquitos/gnats come in contact with the natural vegetation around your house and yard they die.

Our specialists are trained/licensed to apply mosquito control products.

The cost of the Mosquito Control Program is affordable and includes four applications so you have control throughout the entire season.


"We are so happy with your Mosquito Control program! Our summer evenings are so much more enjoyable in our mosquito-free backyard!"
- Jennifer S., St. Cloud

"I have always been a mosquito magnet and the first person to get bit. After your Mosquito Control teatments, I can enjoy my gardens and backyard again. Thank you!"
-Marge H., Sauk Rapids

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